Get ready to witness a one of a kind Beach Festival at Welcomhotel Kences Palm Beach, Mamallapuram Resort where world-class luxury is blended with a renascent Coromandel style, located within close proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mahabalipuram. You are sure to have a comfortable experience and enjoy the festival to the fullest with the best hospitality that you can think of!

Eco Friendly Festival

An eco-friendly festival! Prioritizing environmental awareness and sustainable fun!
A unique event to relax, sit back and enjoy!

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Marmoset Fest


The Festival is lovingly named after the world’s cutest primate, the 8-inch long Marmoset. Often born as twins, Marmosets are social, light-hearted and downright adorable. Much like the curators themselves. They’re pretty busy animals too- 50% of their time is spent eating, and the other 50%? Lying down, of course! Marmosets like to take life easy. Something we should all learn from this little feisty creature. So this 21st September come, be a Marmoset. Come chill.

Food & Alcohol

Marmoset isn’t just about amazing music! Get ready to savor a wide variety of food and drinks!

The Welcomhotel Kences Palm Beach, Mamallapuram is known for its exquisite culinary retreats, and they will be bringing their A game to the Marmoset kitchen.

Easily accessible bars serving exclusive cocktails and the best premium pour throughout the event.

Activities & Games

We’ve got all your entertainment needs sorted here! Experience a wide range of sun-filled activities and games specially curated for a full fledged musical festival experience!

Shop for clothes, jewellery, footwear and more at Marmo-fete, a unique flea market. Explore and find the best deal on items! Relax with a beer at the Beer Garden and much more exciting events coming up at Marmoset Beach Fest!

All Round Fun

This festival is for Music Lovers to hang out with friends & meet new ones!
It’s almost time to put our toes in the sand and have some fun!

Enjoy various fun games and activities including Spin the wheel, Giant Beerpong and Jenga!

We love thrills, and we hope to pride nothing short of exhilarating!

A One of a Kind Beach Fest.

Celebrate the power of music

Some of the best artists from around the country handpicked for this one of a kind dance music gathering.

Not a second of boredom at the marmoset festival

Fun games and activities curated to keep you entertained throughout this experience.

We are all about sustainable fun

This is an eco friendly festival that prioritizes on environmental awareness and protection.


Join us at Marmoset!